Club Tasks

Club Tasks

Care 200

205.9kms total distance. Thank Steve Care for this one...

Catlin Trophy

100.4kms total distance.

Dave Mcpherson One Diamond Trophy

This trophy was donated by Dave McPherson as the Century 21 trophy, but on his passing away, and with the consent of his family, has been renamed in his memory.

Les Riesterer Short Course

Original task thanks to Les.  Updated by Bob Gray June 2013 to use current published turnpoints and extend slightly to 25.6km.  Enjoy!

Club Captains Challenge

Spreadsheet to keep track of personal flying challenges, provided by Bill Mace
File Size 52KB   Filename club_captains_challenge_0   Download

Precision Landing Score Card

Rules and scoring sheet for precision landing contest
File Size 220KB   Filename precision_landing_score_card.xlsx   Download