About our Training Programmes

At the Piako Gliding Club we are fully committed to training our members: from someone who has never sat in a glider through to an experienced solo pilot wishing to explore cross-country soaring. Here are the training services we offer.

The objective of our pilot training is to teach safe and competent cross-country flying skills - starting from scratch. As a member of the Piako Gliding Club you will have access to an excellent fleet of gliders for training and for consolidating your new skills, plus an instructors panel with a huge depth of knowledge, skill, and experience.

Take the pathway leading to solo pilot, and beyond to cross-country soaring pilot.

  1. Trial Flight
  2. Temporary Logbook Scheme
  3. Learn-to-Fly Course (A Course)
  4. Advanced Training Courses (B Course and more)

Trial Flight

A Trial Flight is your first flight in a two-seat glider with an instructor. See the trial flight page for more information, booking details and pricing.

Temporary Logbook Scheme

The Temporary Logbook Scheme allows you to do up to a further 5 flights at club rates within 6 months of your Trial Flight enabling you to get a good taste of what it is like to learn to fly a glider. You can only get your Temporary Logbook immediately after doing a Trial Flight, so be sure to ask.

Learn-To-Fly Course

The fast-track to learn to safely fly a glider. Designed to get you well on your way to solo stage where you will receive your Gliding New Zealand A-Certificate.
More information on Lean-To-Fly Courses

Advanced Training

Advanced training courses are offered to club members including:

  • Certificate and GQP ratings (Qualified Glider Pilot) 
  • Cross-country flying
  • Passenger ratings
  • Competition ratings
  • Aerobatic ratings