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Bookings for Wednesday 20th Feb 19

Day Notes

Flying from 12pm
Aerotow Available
username: glidingmatamata password: pobox100

11 Existing Bookings

11:00AM, GPC, Ralph Gore, 1 hour, 0274850797
12:00PM, Any Dual, Joseph rauch, Circuits, 078668421
12:00PM, Any Dual, Paul Knight, 30 minutes, 0276288077
12:30PM, GXP, Tony Davies, 3 hours x-country, 0272216398
1:00PM, Any Dual, Joseph rauch, Circuits, 0212389992
1:30PM, GNI, Royden Hooker, 1 hour, 0274597359
2:00PM, Trial Flight, 2000', Brian Karl, 021651804,021651804
2:00PM, Tow, ZKGGJ, 0274744050
2:30PM, Any Dual, Iggy Wood, 1 hour, 021750151
2:30PM, GNI, Carl Henderson, 1 hour, 0221028356
3:30PM, GNI, Dave Reed, 1 hour, 0276478234


Instructor 1 Steven Care (027) 349 1180
Instructor 2


Tow Pilot John Currie 0274 776067
Duty Pilot Genny Healey 021 973167

Sorry online bookings can not be added on the day.

You are still welcome to fly, please contact an instructor by mobile to arrange a time

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Low level helicopter survey around Matamata Jan and Feb 2019
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