Official Observers Briefing

11th October 2017   7:00PM  

Edouard Devenoges has agreed to run an OO session for those wanting to become Offical Observers and any current OOs needing a refresh.  All claims for those highly sought after badges and records that you struggle to achieve must be endorsed by an OO. 

 (To be an official observer you do not need to be a QGP pilot, but you do need to be a member of GNZ. The newly married Mrs Kim Kamp is supporting Will by planning on doing the course. Genny)  

Edouard is the GNZ Awards officer and is the guy that decides whether your claim is good or not, so it’s a good idea to please him.  He has a vested interest in getting all claims in the right order and being a competent OO is key to that.