Joining Our Club

Our club is always open to new members.

Why take up gliding?

People learn to fly gliders for a variety of reasons. Some include:

  • It's one of the most affordable ways to learn to fly.
  • To fly glider competitions.
  • As a fun casual hobby.
  • To push themselves.
  • To take friends and family for rides.
  • To learn glider aerobatics.

Do I have to learn to fly by myself in a glider to join the club?

Not at all, we have members who don't fly but enjoy helping out in other ways. We also have members who are happy flying with an instructor instead of flying by themselves.

Why join Piako Gliding Club?

  • We have a great bunch of people covering a wide age range, with delicious social events throught the year.
  • It's a fantastic gliding site, with the Kaimai range nearby providing good flying all year round.
  • Amazing facilities including 2 twin seat training aircraft, 3 single seat gliders, tow plane, winch, club house along with camping facilities on the airfield.
  • Flying available every weekend and Wednesdays depending on the weather.
  • Training is available anytime we fly.
  • We host some great competitions which are a lot of fun.

What do I need to take up gliding as a hobby?

  • Some time over the weekends to do some training. You can train at your own pace, depending on the time and budget you can commit.
  • You'll also need an occasional day to volunteer at the club and help out (and go for a fly). The club is run completely by volunteers including the tow pilots, instructors and other club members.
  • A typical training to solo stage costs around $1200, hwoever you can spread this cost over time.

What's involved in becoming a member?

  • Come on out for a trial flight any day we're flying, to see if gliding is for you. This will help ensure it's what you're expecting.
  • If you're interested in learning to fly, but not sure you want to commit, you can have up to 3 training flights at our club rates without joining for a year.
  • We have membership forms in the club caravan so you can sign up next time you're out at the club.
  • You'll need to be sponsored by an existing member to join which can be done on the day you join.

Sound like fun? It sure is, book a trial flight and come on out.


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