Start of Season Briefing - Notes

2013 Start of Season Briefing

SOSB October 2013

Presentations Notes

All of the speakers notes as printout files for members to refer to are attached here.

Paul Castle's talk and demonstration of the latest version of the flight recording program on our laptop can be found on Members/Procedures/Timekeeping page.

Gliding Airmanship

File Size 2.76MB   Filename sosb_oct_2013_-gliding_airmanship_ver2.pdf   Download

On Line Contest - Tim Bromhead

File Size 2.16MB   Filename sosb_2013_online_contest.pdf   Download

Start of Season Briefing - Julian Mason CFI

File Size 904KB   Filename sosb_2013.pdf   Download

Winching Safety - Steve Care

File Size 1.12MB   Filename sosb_2013_winching_safety.pdf   Download