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Mandatory Broadcast Zone (MBZ) Radio Notes

How to do your radio calls around the MBZ. These have been updated so they are now inline with standard CAA procedures. 

Time between reports:
Max 15 minutes
Radio frequency:
122.25 MHz

At all times within the MBZ (i.e. within 3 NM of the airfield, SFC - 4500 ft) you must maintain a listening watch on 122.25 MHz.

You must make a call to Matamata Traffic:

  • At least every fifteen minutes while you are within the MBZ
  • When you enter the MBZ 
  • When you exit the MBZ
  • When joining the aerodrome traffic circuit
  • For your normal circuit calls.

What's in a call? Radio calls are not rocket science! State:

  • Who you are calling (i.e. Matamata Traffic)
  • Who you are; your callsign (i.e. Glider GPC)
  • Where you are; location and altitude
  • What you want to do; your intentions
  • Who you are calling (i.e. Matamata Traffic. Add this for unattended airfields.)

Some example calls from a hypothetical glider flight as someone tiki tours their way around the neighborhood:

Matamata traffic
(who) Glider Golf Papa Charlie
(where) 2 miles north east of the field, 2,000'
(intention) thermalling

Matamata traffic
(who) Glider Golf November India
(where) 2 miles north east of the field, 3,300'
(intention) tracking Walton

Matamata traffic
(who) Glider Golf Sierra November
(where) overhead Walton, 4,500'
(intention) departing MBZ to the north

Matamata traffic 
(who) Glider Golf X-Ray Papa
(where) 4 miles east of the field, 6,100'
(intention) joining

Matamata traffic, 
(who) Glider Golf Echo Oscar
(position) non traffic side, 4,000'
(intention) descending for overhead re-join left hand 28.