Flying on Non Rostered Club Days

Flying by Club members on mid-week days, that are not regular scheduled flying days, is permitted provided the following conditions are in place.  These days are usually arranged to take advantage of cross country soaring conditions and it is anticipated that pilots will be flying away from the local area on planned tasks.  It is therefore important that a nominated person is responsible for all flying operations and is aware of who is flying and what their task intentions are. 

The day should be planned with prior approval from the CFI or appointed deputy before the days flying commences.  

Every pilot engaging in flying operations on these days shall be responsible to advise the CFI or appointed deputy of their intentions and return.  A group of pilots may nominate a Coordinator to collectively advise the CFI of everyone’s intentions and return of all gliders at the end of the day.

A flying time sheet is to be kept recording the day’s activity and all cross country flight intentions are noted on the timesheet by each pilot before they take-off. Only QGP pilots are to undertake cross country flights on these days. 

Independent Operations days shall be approved for flying training in singles or twins only under direct supervision by a B Cat instructor.