Gridding Priorities

After noon, with the exception of the club two-seaters, all gliders will be gridded on a first-come first-served basis.

No more than 3 gliders to be physically on the grid at one time as per Club operating procedures ("How We Do Things"). A white board will be available to keep track of the grid and pilots, it is your responsibility to make sure the duty pilot has entered you onto the white board. If everyone uses the white board we have communication!

Club two-seaters play a special and significant role in the life of the Club. They will receive priority in gridding, with up to every second tow being available to them on a busy day. This bumping privilege is mainly intended for training flights.

You can book a launch time for a flight before noon on weekends and holidays by calling the booking desk at least the day before, but generally by the Thursday before the weekend in question. If you need a check flight make a booking and you will be on your way in good time... all it takes is a touch of planning. Booking is also a great idea for students in circuit training as it means a lot less waiting around.