Priorities for use of club gliders

No need to fight over who gets to use a club glider next. Everyone has already collectively agreed how to sort out who gets to use each glider next!


Priority 1. Training. These get priority to the point of a minimum of one of the twins being fully available/committed to local training, and one available for booking for extended cross country training. Where possible, training flights should be concentrated on early starts. Trainees should not expect to swan out mid-day and get priority over those who have been waiting all day! Bookings available until noon.

Priority 2. Passenger flights/Trial flights/Check flights. Passenger and trial flights are seen to be equal on a first-come first-served basis (bookings available until noon). Generally limited to around a half hour maximum unless there is no pressure on the gliders. Check flights are on the same footing. If you need a check flight, get out early if you do not want to be held up and/or call the booking desk for a launch time before noon!

Priority 3. Pair flying. Lower priority as generally pilots pair flying could make use of single-seaters. On a busy day expect to be called back after an hour.

Priority 4. Solo flying. Using a twin as a single-seater is fine, as long as there is no one else after them for use as a twin. (This provision applies to pilots rated to fly at least the PW-5. Early post solo pilots still on the two-seaters are regarded as still in training, see above.)

Club Single-Seaters

One glider to be available for local soaring. One hour flights when busy. Priority simply first-come first-served, except for flights before noon which can be booked through the booking desk.

One glider to be available for extended cross-country. You will need to clear the flight with the rostered duty instructor, and if you are smart you will call the booking desk to reserve the glider at least a day in advance or someone else will! Do not expect to swan out to the field in middle of the day and declare a cross-country priority flight! Priority for extended cross-country use:

  • Competition
  • Badge/task flights
  • Cross-country training
  • Recreational cross-country